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No Turning Back

A discipleship mandate for the 21st century

If you knew you had six months to live, what changes would you make? Would you be full of regrets? Would you have scores of unmet dreams, abandoned because the risk seemed too enormous or because your life was preoccupied with too many nonessentials?

Jesus challenged twelve men to join Him on an intimate journey that was recklessly abandoned to the Creator. That lifestyle unnerved the religious and confounded the heathen. It was not an easy journey (they were not loved by all), but it did change the world, both then and now.

In our modern times of ever evolving business stereotypes where franchise giants dominate skylines and electrical gadgets provide instant access to global information, it can be easy to get sucked into the flow of generic Christianity, drowning out the voice of Jesus calling for radical disciples. Will we be those men and women that will shape the world? Are we willing to go against the flow? Do we hear the call…to follow?