Yesterday we hopped in the car for a drive. We are in Detroit, Michigan area for a month, working with friends who are planting a church. A few weeks ago, I attended a DOVE International Conference, where one of the speakers, leading a large church in Virginia, mentioned how we once had the opportunity to interview a well known Christian leader who has traveled to around 100 nations. To this seasoned man of God, he posed the question, “In light of predictions of a great coming revival all your travels, what do you feel is the future for the American Church.” His response in my opinion candidly answered the question as Jesus so often did to those who questioned Him. “Out of all the nations I have traveled, the American Church is the weakest out of all the nations I have been.” This was not an insult, but the fact that this great leader saw the prayerlessness of America in comparison to other nations. Perhaps in America, we can be more caught up in methods or our comfortable living that we miss the adventure and excitement that comes from extended times of prayer and being in God’s presence. We have filled ourselves with something else and so when it comes to hungering for the things of God, we are already full with junk food. There are many good things to experience in this life, but Jesus understood that those who will see God move, understand that it is not physical bread that we live by, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God. So…our family…got into our minivan and drove and prayed. We went to Dearborn, the largest concentration of Middle Eastern people in the entire United States. We drove through some of the ghettos of Detroit. We traveled to an affluent country town. All of these are on God’s radar and on His heart. Having planted two churches, we have learned many things, but probably more then anything, have an appreciation for the fact that there is a lot we do not know. We probably feel less qualified to plant a church than ever. But…it does not end there in our own weaknesses. We also sense a greater confidence and faith in God and that He is able to do above and beyond what we ask or think. To receive that kind of grace, we must be even more connected and dependent. And so we do what for centuries have proceeded moves of God…we humble ourselves and we pray!