Big question!

We hear so much about personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and I wonder how many of us attend meetings and try to live what we have been told is a good life, but make no connection in the day to day.

Recently I asked a question of Facebook.  What does intimacy with Jesus look like to you?  One of my college mates mother wrote this, and I think it is to good:

Now, I’m not perfect at this but I will share how I try to start my day and go through it. First thing before I even get out of bed, upon waking…Thank you Lord for a new day. Be with me through out this day and guide me through it. While eating my breakfast I will read scripture. Next I find that giving praise and thanksgiving is so very important especially when going through hard times. When we begin to Thank Him for even breathing, seeing, hearing…that I have two hands, two legs etc. we are lifted out of the depths into joy for darkness can’t stay where light shines. Then I journal…I have a time to go before Him with requests (prayer for others or family or myself). Then I ask the Lord: What are you saying to day, what are you doing? And I write down the Lord’s response. The Lord says to pray unceasingly and I use to wonder, how can you do that??? Well, when we begin our day in worship and praise, we begin with a song in our heart and it stays there throughout the day. Also as I go through the day I will use my heavenly language often not necessarily out loud but use it none the less. I find that when in worship my day goes smoothly and I hear the Lord speak more frequently. Journalling for me has been a blessing as I am focussed in on what the Lord is saying. When I first started journalling it was really all about me and my needs if I am to be honest but now it is focused on my desire to know what God is doing and saying. Becoming intimate with the Lord is to spend time talking to Him about all things concerning you BUT it also involves LISTENING to the Lord!!!

Other people responded about learning ways that they are trying to learn to bring Jesus into the daily aspects of their lives.  There is so much that could be said, but just to not let this post run on forever, I want to address one issue:  human reasoning!

This is one of those issues that God is highlighting in my own life right now.  The Bible talks a lot about Works of the Flesh vs. Being led by the Spirit.  Human reasoning for me, is that place where I try and figure things out…things that I cannot and only God can do!  When our brains are turned on all the time…which is a big issue for a lot of people and usually is what creates insomnia…it should signal to us that we are operating in the Works of the Flesh.  One more indication…we lack peace in our lives.

Setting aside human reasoning not only makes more room for peace and joy in our lives, but makes more room for intimacy with Jesus.  We are either listening to Him or to other voices at any given time.  I am not by any means suggesting that we can block out the world, and nor do I believe that is what God has in mind for us.  But if we want to make more space to here His voice and know His heart…then we have to create space in our lives throughout the day for Him!  Getting rid of human reasoning is one way be closer to Him!  It doesn’t mean we don’t think…it means that the more time with Him equates to wisdom and opposed to worrying, and knowledge with understanding as opposed to reasoning often accompanied double-mindedness and regret.

Spend a little time this week in the book of Proverbs.  It will speak to you about a lot of things!!!