I know that this post could be controversial, in that when I thought about doing it, there are “other sides to the coin” that immediately came into my thoughts.  My disclaimer is that I agree with those other sides!  So to understand what I am saying, you have to finish the entire article!

I heard recently that there are two types of eating:

Eating for fuel.

Eating for fulfillment.

The article went on to say that so often we are eating for fulfillment and not considering the fact that eating was designed to give us fuel.  I knew as soon as I considered penning (or in this case, typing), that “other side of the coin” was that God promised that He would bring Israel to a land flowing with milk and honey (bounty of good things), and that Jesus told the Pharisees that it is not what you put in your mouth that would defile you, but what is in your heart…so food, really has no bearings on our lives.  I also read someone stating that according to Romans 15:1-5, that we are to live in peace and that in reality, vegetarians are the weaker in faith, but we need to have grace for them!  Ha!  Personally, I think that got thrown out of context, as I think the vegetarianism referred to in Romans 15 had more to do with eating in accordance with religious conviction, trying to sort out the differences between newly converted Jews and Gentiles, to whom dietary choice was very much connected to religion and worship.

I, and my family, have recently made a major shift in the way we eat, and it is for health reasons and not religious.  Now, as a person who has been researching food and what it does, I have some personal convictions, and in the right context, I like to share what we are doing with friends and family.  Unlike some who make major changes in their eating habits, I really have no interest in trying to convert or change people to do what I am doing, but it does not mean that I don’t have convictions either!  So…for people I know…you can relax around me.  I am more then willing to share what I am learning, but I am not judging you or thinking you evil;)

I learned a lot when we started homeschooling our kids.  Tons of people attacked us, and all we did is tell them we were going to homeschool our kids.  We never said that they weren’t good parents, that somehow their kids would be mutilated by the world, or that our kids would turn out any better.  Yes.  We have our reasons and for us, that means we are ruling out something that you are possibly doing, but you are doing the same thing by living the lifestyle you are living.  And in that, we can live and grow.  And just sometimes, one of us may be making better choices, and in that, we can learn from one another.  For that to happen, a bit of humility is required on both sides…because we should all be learning and teachable, knowing we may have a revelation in one area, but still need a whole lot of work on another!

So…here’s the reason I brought the entire thing about food up.

Just before Moses passed on, he prophesied what would happen to Israel in the days ahead.  He tells them that they will go into the Promised Land, and then directly states in so many words, “By the way guys, you will fall away and go into captivity because you are so hard-hearted.”  Those are some bold words!

Here’s the part that got my attention, and stood out to me while changing our eating habits.  He told Israel that when their “stomaches were full” and they were walking in the blessings of God, that is when they would stop seeking God and be led astray by the idols of the land.

So…we know that it is not what we put in our mouths defiles us, but we can also note that many times what we put in our mouths has to do with what is going on inside of us!  Ponder that a moment before you dismiss it.  It is so true!

Eating disorders are on the rise.  We fill ourselves with sugar, saturated fats, and other flavor enhances because it is scientifically proven that they give a “feel good” factor.  We can look at more serious addictions that go into our mouths.  Cigarets and other drugs you smoke.  Prescription medications.  Alcohol.

Here’s the point.  I am right now looking at food in my life.  I am no better then anyone else because of changes I am making.  I can honestly say now, that at times I was filling some voids in my life at certain times by the food I ate or the things I drank.  And still do at times.  But now I am more aware.

Makes me look at other areas of my life.  Here’s the tension in modern Christianity.  Do I give up stuff to follow Jesus and carry a poverty mentality in life, or do I have a “blessings” mentality that results in my constantly satisfying my flesh with whatever I want, all in the name of “blessings”?

Perhaps the answer is found in the revelation of God’s love for us.  He loves us.  He loves us.  He loves us.

If I know that and grow in that revelation, other stuff fills me less.  And when He wants to make changes that would be more beneficial, I don’t need to carry the weights of guilt and condemnation, because He corrects me only because He loves me.  He loves me.  He loves me.

I will share this last little bit.   I think God is wanting to bring His people to a more simplistic lifestyle.  We are in a mad rush to ALL live like the kings and queens of old!  Just a side note…many of them died young because of diseases from their lifestyles (including King Solomon who was only 60 when he died).  I am discovering that I can live very simple and very blessed, and when I do that, I seem to have more of what is most important to me:  LOVE.  JOY.  PEACE.

And that stuff is not dead religion, but life-giving, and I want more of that!